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ACS IECR paper accepted

Our new paper has been recently accepted in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

  • A Novel Approach to Alarm Causality Analysis Using Active Dynamic Transfer Entropy by Yi Luo, Bhushan Gopaluni, Yuan Xu, Liang Cao, Qun-Xiong Zhu

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30 April 2020
Recognition for most downloaded paper - Spielberg et al. (2019)
Our recent paper on RL, Toward self‚Äźdriving processes A deep reinforcement learning approach to control has received recognition in AIChE Journal

26 April 2020
COVID-19 project website launched
Our research group is trying to estimate the extent of COVID-19 prevalence in the society, quantify its infectiousness, model its spread and develop optimal mitigation policies.

17 April 2020
Yiting passes PhD candidacy exam
Yiting passed his candidacy exam with flying colors.

16 April 2020
Nathan receives NSERC CGS D scholarship
Nathan received the prestigious NSERC CGS D scholarship. He was ranked 5th among 107 applicants in his committee.

14 April 2020
ACS IECR paper accepted
Our paper on alarm analytics has been recently accepted in ACS IECR

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