1. News Article
    EDI Award for Faye at BPI Research Day

    We are happy to share that Dr. Faye Hajiali is the recipient of the EDI.I Excellence Award at the 2024 BPI (BioProducts Institute) Research Day. Congratulations!

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    DAIS Lab group update (March 2024)

    We are pleased to announce and celebrate these recent achievements by our group members: (1) Dr. Liang Cao graduated with a PhD and will join Prof. Richard Braatz’s group at...

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    DAIS Lab's 100th journal article published in Automatica

    We are pleased to announce that the UBC DAIS Lab has recently published its 100th journal article in Automatica. Congratulations Nathan and Shuyuan! Papers referenced in this news article: Journal...

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    Iman Jalilvand wins Silver Award at 2023 HCI International Student Design Competition

    Iman Jalilvand’s submission for the 2023 HCI International Student Design Competition, “An Interactive Digital Twin of a Composite Manufacturing Process for Training Operators via Immersive Technology”, has been selected by...

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    6 papers accepted to IFAC World Congress 2023

    Congratulations to UBC DAIS Lab students and collaborators for their new papers in the IFAC World Congress 2023! Conference Proceedings Interpretable Soft Sensors using Extremely Randomized Trees and SHAP Liang...

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    Recruiting graduate students for industrial research projects with Burnaby Refinery

    The Process Control Department at the Burnaby Refinery is interested in exploring novel techniques for reducing manual labour and engineering time required for industrial control engineering tasks. The proposed research...

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    Lee's lime kiln monitoring research commercialized

    Lee Rippon’s PhD research on visualizing kiln shell temperatures and detecting ring growth has been commercialized by BlueMarvel in their new HeatSeeker product to help industry save energy and reduce...

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    Kene receives 2022 APSC Rising Star award

    Congratulations to DAIS undergraduate member Kene Ene for being selected as a 2022 Faculty of Applied Science Rising Star. The stars of UBC Applied Science are people who are...

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    Young Author award for Ibrahim Yousef

    Congratulations to DAIS group member Ibrahim Yousef for receiving a Young Author Award for his 2022 DYCOPS paper: Visual Analytics: A New Paradigm for Process Monitoring

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    Tobi Alabi publishes paper in Renewable Energy

    Congratulations to DAIS lab member Tobi Alabi for his latest paper in Renewable Energy (IF: 8.0). A review on the integrated optimization techniques and machine learning approaches for modeling, prediction,...

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    Successful thesis defense

    Congratulations to DAIS group members Daniel McClement and Seoun Kim for successfully completing their Masters research at UBC. Daniel successfully defended his MASc thesis on meta-reinforcement learning Seoun successfully defended...

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    Group update: Congrats to Nathan and Ibrahim

    Congratulations to DAIS group members Nathan Lawrence and Ibrahim Yousef. Nathan received the 2022 FIPSE Graduate Student Participation Award and a trip to Greece! Ibrahim Yousef is one of the...

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    Li-ion workshop at DYCOPS 2022

    Workshop Overview Lithium-ion batteries permeate our lives. They are used in a wide range of products from portable electronic gadgets to electric vehicles and large container ships. These batteries are...

  14. News Article
    New paper in Nature Communications

    Congratulations to Yixiu Wang for his paper that will appear in Nature Communications! Data-driven capacity estimation of commercial lithium-ion batteries from voltage relaxation

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    Papers accepted in DYCOPS, ACC and IEEE TII

    Congratulations to DAIS Lab members, Atefeh, Ibrahim and Jingyi for their new papers! DYCOPS 2022 Ibrahim’s paper on visual analytics has been accepted as a keynote presentation for DYCOPS 2022....

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    Three new papers accepted in Control Eng. Pract. and Biofuels Bioprod. Biorefining

    Congratulations to DAIS Lab members for their recently accepted papers! On Reinforcement Learning Nathan and Daniel’s paper on reinforcement learning for PID tuning, in collaboration with Honeywell, has been accepted...

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    Four new papers in September 2021

    Congratulations to Yiting, Lee and Ryan for their recently published papers. Identifying Indicator Species in Ecological Habitats using Deep Optimal Feature Learning (Tsai et al.) Visualization of Multiscale Ring Formation...

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    Lee wins Best Student Paper award at PACWEST 2021

    Lee Rippon receives the Best Student Paper Award for his talk on “Detection and Diagnosis of Ring Formation in Rotary Lime Kilns - Part I Developing a Ring Formation Indicator.”...

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    Daniel receives NSERC CGS M scholarship

    Congratulations to DAIS Lab MASc student Daniel McClement on receiving the NSERC CGS M scholarship! Well done, Daniel.

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    New paper on representation learning in Computers and Chemical Engineering

    Congratulations to Lee and Ibrahim for their new paper on representation learning in Computers and Chemical Engineering! This work was done in collaboration with BBA Engineering Consultants and Sirish Shah...

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    Keynote presentation and 2 papers accepted at IFAC ADCHEM 2021

    Congratulations to Daniel, Nathan and Mari for their papers at IFAC ADCHEM 2021. Daniel and Nathan’s work on “A Meta-Reinforcement Learning Approach to Process Control” has been selected for a...

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    Qiugang's paper published in ISA Transactions

    Qiugang’s final paper from his PhD work has been published in ISA Transactions. Congratulations! Model-Plant Mismatch Detection for Cross-directional Processes by Qiugang Lu, Michael G. Forbes, Philip D. Loewen, Johan...

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    Paper in NeurIPS 2020 Spotlight

    Nathan’s paper on “Almost Surely Stable Deep Dynamics” has been accepted at NeurIPS 2020 and selected as a Spotlight session. Congratulations! At NeurIPS 2020, 385 papers out of 1900 were...

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    Lee receives Best Presentation Award

    Lee Rippon receives a Best Presentation Award for his talk on “Process Analytics and Machine Learning to Predict Arc Loss in an Electric Arc Furnace” at the 3rd BC Universities...

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    Liang's paper published in Control Engineering Practice

    Liang Cao’s paper has been accepted by Control Engineering Practice. Congratulations! Data-driven Dynamic Inferential Sensors Based on Causality Analysis by Liang Cao, Feng Yu, Fan Yang, Yankai Cao, R. Bhushan...

  26. News Article
    New paper in Computers &amp Chemical Engineering

    Hui Tian’s (PhD, ‘20) paper has been published in Computers & Chemical Engineering. Congratulations! A Tractable Approximation for Stochastic MPC and Application to Mechanical Pulping Processes by H Tian, J...

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    Qiugang Lu starting tenure track position at Texas Tech University

    Qiugang Lu (PhD, ‘18), currently postdoc at Zavala Lab, UW-Madison, will begin a tenure track position at Texas Tech University in September 2020. Congratulations!

  28. News Article
    Recognition for most downloaded paper - Spielberg et al. (2019)

    Our recent paper on RL, Toward self‐driving processes: A deep reinforcement learning approach to control - Spielberg et al. (2019), has been recognized as “among the top 10% most downloaded...

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    COVID-19 project website launched

    COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in unprecedented ways. Our research group is trying to estimate the extent of its prevalence in the society, quantify its infectiousness, model its spread and...

  30. News Article
    Yiting passes PhD candidacy exam

    Yiting passed his candidacy exam with flying colors. Congratulations!

  31. News Article
    Nathan receives NSERC CGS D scholarship

    Nathan received the prestigious NSERC CGS D scholarship. He was ranked 5th among 107 applicants in his committee. This is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations, Nathan! We are proud of you....

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    ACS IECR paper accepted

    Our new paper has been recently accepted in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. A Novel Approach to Alarm Causality Analysis Using Active Dynamic Transfer Entropy by Yi Luo, Bhushan Gopaluni,...

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    Hui successfully defends PhD thesis

    Hui successfully defended her PhD thesis today on Stochastic multi-objective economic model predictive control of two-stage high consistency mechanical pulping processes. Read more about her work here Congratulations!

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    Papers accepted at IFAC 2020 World Congress

    Four of our papers were accepted for presentation at the 2020 IFAC World Congress. [1] Modern Machine Learning Tools for Monitoring and Control A Survey [2] Deep Neural Network Approximation...

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    Prof. Nina Thornhill visits DAIS Lab

    Prof. Thornhill from Imperial College London visits UBC and delivers a CHBE Distinguished Speaker Seminar on Process Data Analytics. Members of the DAIS lab met Prof. Thornhill to share and...

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    Yi Luo finished his brief stint as a visiting student at UBC

    Yi will be going back to the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology. Best wishes!

  37. News Article
    Open Educational Resources Champion

    Dr. Gopaluni and Dr. Verrett have been nominated as Applied Science OER champions for the development of open chemical engineering resources. Big thanks to DAIS members and students involved in...

  38. News Article
    Processes Paper

    Yiting’s paper on bioreactor performance prediction has been published in Processes. Congrats! MDPI Paper Link:

  39. News Article
    CHRP Project Funding

    A project in collaboration with Dr. Piret and Dr. Levings on Bioprocess engineering for therapeutic T-cell manufacturing has received federal Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) funding worth over $600k. See...

  40. News Article
    New Postdoc Opening

    We are looking for a Post Doctoral Fellow to work on an exciting industrial project at the intersection of Control Theory and Machine Learning. For details see: NewPostDocResearchML.pdf Applications are...

  41. News Article
    ADCHEM 2018

    DAIS Lab members set to present at ADCHEM 2018. For more information, visit the DAIS ADCHEM page. See workshop page:

  42. News Article
    Lee receives Killam Doctoral Scholarship

    Lee Rippon received the prestigious Killam Doctoral Scholarship. Congratulations!