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Ying Xiong

Started 2019

MPC Design for the Mechanical Pulping Process


Yixiu Wang

Started 2019 | Co-supervisor: Yankai Cao

Modeling and Control of Battery Systems

Liang Cao

Started 2019

Predicting Quality-relevant Variables in Industrial Process via Causality Analysis PDF

Maricela Best McKay

Started 2019 | Co-supervisor: Brian Wetton

RNN Approximation of Mathematical Models of Li-Ion Batteries

Nathan Lawrence

Started 2018 | Co-supervisor: Philip Loewen

Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Maintenance-free Control in Industrial Applications PDF

Ali Chamkalani

Started 2018 | Co-supervisor: James Piret

Data Analytic Techniques for Cell Therapy

Seoeun Kim

Started 2017

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Wheat Crop Modelling

Lee Rippon

Started 2017 | Co-supervisor: Philip Loewen

Process Analytics and Machine Learning Techniques for the Kraft Pulping Process

Ryan Jacobson

Started 2016 | Co-supervisor: Shahab Sokhansanj

Optimization of Biomass Supply Chains

Yiting Tsai

Started 2016

Data-based Deep Optimal Feature Learning


Ibrahim Yousef

Started 2019 | Co-supervisor: Sirish Shah

Developing Predictive Analytics Techniques Towards Fault Detection in an Electric Arc Furnace

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Hashim Migaybil

Started 2019

Performance Prediction of a Photovoltaic Assisted Single-Slope Solar Still via ML Models


Shams Elnawawi

Started 2019

Data Visualization and Analysis for Large-Dimensional Model Predictive Controllers


Former students and visitors

Name Degree Position After Leaving/Now At
Hui Tian PhD
Yi Luo Ph.D. (Visiting) BUCT, Beijing
Ruyi Yang Summer Student
Shams Elnawawi NSERC USRA Mitsubishi Ireland (Internship), now UBC BASc Thesis
William Xi Undergraduate Thesis UC Berkeley MSc
Logan Phillips Undergraduate Thesis DuBois Chemicals
Simeng Li Co-Op Student UBC BASc
Qiugang Lu Ph.D. General Motors, then UW-Madison Zavala Lab postdoc, then tenure-track faculty at Texas Tech
Kai Wang Ph.D. Associate Prof, CSU, Changsha
David Kong M.Sc. ML Engineer, Realtor.com
Siang Lim NSERC USRA FortisBC, now Burnaby Refinery
David Zamar Ph.D. Data Scientist, UBC SPPH
Steven Spielberg M.A.Sc. Amazon
Koji Kitano M.A.Sc. (Visiting) Kyoto University
Yilin Fan M.Eng. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) London
Alireza Nazari Undergraduate Thesis Accenture then Harvard Law
Melissa Barazandegan Ph.D. Vancouver Coastal Health
Mahsa Sadeghassadi Ph.D. inCTRL Solutions
Lee Rippon M.A.Sc. UBC PhD
Aigerim Ongalbayeva M.A.Sc. Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools
Clarin Houle Undergraduate Thesis Corvus Energy
Jiaqi Gao Internship Tsinghua then Yale, now Harvard
Yang Liu Internship Yale PhD
Feras Al-Rowaie Ph.D. Assistant Prof, Jubail Industrial College
Fatemeh Ekram Ph.D. STEM Education Instructor, Insight Chemistry Tutors
Navid Ghaffari M.A.Sc. Sanofi
Ramin Khoie M.A.Sc. AutomationX Industrial Solutions
Yiting Tsai M.A.Sc. UBC PhD
Sravan Nandhakumar Internship
Mahdi Yousefi M.A.Sc. Avestec Technologies
Aditya Tulsyan* Ph.D. MIT Postdoc, now Amgen
Omid Vahidi Ph.D. Assistant Prof, IUST Iran
Kenneth McClure M.A.S.c Spartan Controls
Vinay Bhavdekar Postdoc Postdocs UofA and UC Berkeley, then GE, now Wabtec Corp
Daniel Esau Undergraduate Thesis UBC Medicine
Norman Siu Undergraduate Thesis Solaris then Coanda, now Enbridge
Jalaj Jain Internship Shell then Schlumberger, now McKinsey
Adriana Cajiao Ph.D. Response Biomedical Corp
Sayyed Soroush Nasseri M.A.Sc. UBC PhD
Cai Long M.A.Sc. World Health Organization
JiChuan Wu M.Eng. Petrochemicals, China
Parisa Towfigi* M.A.Sc. Siemens
Mankaran Mehrok M.Eng. Seven Generations Energy
Naveen Karthik Internship
Shreyas Rangan Internship
Devin Marshman M.A.Sc. NORPAC Controls
Lin Sun Postdoc (Visiting) China University of Petroleum, Beijing
Yanqin Li Research Associate (Visiting)
Phanindra Jampana Postdoc Assistant Prof at IIT, Hyderabad
Anand Kaushik Internship
Shelly Jang M.A.Sc. University of Washington PhD
Do Yun Kim Postdoc
Prince Nimoh Co-Op Student
Ma Edo Tanujaya Co-Op Student
Harigopal Raghavan* Research Associate Shell
Anshul Jain* Co-Op Student
Varun Agarwal* Co-Op Student

*My collaborators formally supervised these students but I played a significant role in guiding the research of the respective students.

Scholarships and Awards

  • 2020 NSERC CGS-D for Nathan Lawrence
  • 2019 Four Year Fellowship for Lee Rippon
  • 2018 Four Year Fellowship for Yiting Tsai
  • 2017 Killam Doctoral Scholarship for Lee Rippon
  • 2016 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Yiting Lee
  • 2016 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Lee Rippon
  • 2015 Vanier Scholarship for Qiugang Lu
  • 2015 NSERC PGS-M for Lee Rippon
  • 2015 GSI Major Award for Lee Rippon
  • 2014 John Grace Scholarship for Yiting Tsai
  • 2013 Four Year Fellowship for Qiugang Liu
  • 2011 Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship for Ken McClure
  • 2011 Four Year Fellowship for Melissa Barazendegan
  • 2010 Four Year Fellowship for Fatame Ekram
  • 2009 NSERC post graduate scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2009 Four Year Fellowship for Shelly Jang (declined)
  • 2009 Four Year Fellowship for Adriana Cajiao
  • 2008 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2008 MITACS/NORPAC Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2008 NSERC graduate Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2007 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Shelly Jang


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