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Jiachen Wei

Started 2020
Co-supervisor: Mike Kennedy (UBC Urban Data Lab)

Jiachen has been actively bringing data science skills into sustainability with three years of experience in the academic and nonprofit sectors. He has a Master of Data Science from the University of British Columbia and B.Env. in Geomatics from the University of Waterloo. His project proposes to develop a 5G-enabled management system for campus building energy and space use. The proposed system will help optimize energy consumption and space allocation, inform building investments to meet UBC’s sustainability goals, and advance research and innovations among UBC faculty, operational staff, and entrepreneurs.


Shahab Bahrami

Started 2020
Co-supervisor: Vincent Wong (ECE), Christine Chen (ECE)

Shahab Bahrami received his PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from The University of British Columbia (UBC) in August 2017. Shahab received various prestigious scholarships at UBC, including the distinguished and highly competitive UBC’s Four Year Fellowship (2013-2017) as well as the Graduate Support Initiative Award from the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC (2014-2017). Currently, Shahab is working as a postdoctoral fellow under the co-supervision of Professors Vincent Wong and Christine Chen. As a part of 5G-enabled Energy and Space Management project for Rogers Communications Inc., Shahab is designing data-driven algorithms for energy management in UBC campus buildings. Shahab’s research interests include energy management, 5G communication networks, power markets, demand side management, with applications to smart grid.

Ying Xiong

Started 2019


Iman Jalilvand

Started 2020

Originally from Tehran, Iran, as his B.Sc., Iman have studied mechanical engineering. Graduated ranking in the top 3 among more than 80 mechanical engineering students. So, he was honored with the title of exceptionally talented student by the Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) admission office, which allowed him to get admitted directly to AUT (which ranks among the 3 best Iranian universities) to start studying Mechatronics as his M.Sc. During his M.Sc. studies, he selected “Structural Health Monitoring of oil Pipelines” as the theme of his research, which introduced him to the world of IoT and Machine Learning. Most recently, Iman started utilizing various sensors and IoT devices in small projects through different online courses in the field of Machine Learning and also was introduced to Digital Twin concept. That’s why, he chose to start a PhD in the field of Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing at University of British Columbia, which he hopes he can gain more experience specially in Data Science, since he will be collaborating with both research groups at Composites Research Network (CRN) and Data Analytics and Intelligent Systems (DAIS) Labs. During his free time, Iman enjoys mountain climbing and fishing and also snow sports, which he loves to experience them all in BC.

Jingyi Wang

Started 2020

Jingyi Wang is a Ph.D. student studying Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at UBC. She received her bachelor's degree and master's degree in Chemical Engineering/Process Control from the University of Alberta in Canada. Her previous research includes sensor fusion, soft sensor, and artificial neural networks. Her current research interest includes combining traditional control methods with machine learning techniques to improve algorithm performance.

Ibrahim Yousef

Started 2019
Co-supervisor: Sirish Shah (U. Alberta)

Yixiu Wang

Started 2019
Co-supervisor: Yankai Cao (CHBE)

Yixiu Wang is a PhD student studying Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at UBC. He received his bachelor's degree and master's degree in Vehicle Engineering/Automotive Electronics from Tongji University in China, where he worked on life equalization strategy for series battery pack to maximum discharge energy. His current research interests include applying machine learning techniques to develop lithium-ion battery degradation models to accurately estimate and predict power and capacity loss, and optimizing power system operation incorporating battery degradation.

Liang Cao

Started 2019
Co-supervisor: Yankai Cao (CHBE)

Liang Cao is a Ph.D. student studying Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at UBC. He received his BASc and MASc in Automation/Control Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical and Technology in China. He also is a joint master student at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and a research assistant at Tsinghua University (China). His previous research includes diagnosis and compensation of multiple channel faults in one-dimension systems and two-dimension systems. His current Ph.D. research interests focus on applying machine learning techniques to historical refinery process data to build inferential sensors, extract causality, and mine sequence patterns.

Maricela Best McKay

Started 2019
Co-supervisor: Brian Wetton (Math)

Nathan Lawrence

Started 2018
Co-supervisor: Philip Loewen (Math)

Nathan is a PhD student in applied mathematics at UBC. Prior to moving to Vancouver, he earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics at Portland State University. He is interested in the interplay between reinforcement learning and control. More specifically, his work aims to develop actionable methods based on deep reinforcement learning for maintenance-free PID control and MPC of industrial processes. Outside of research, he enjoys boardgames and ice skating.

Ali Chamkalani

Started 2018
Co-supervisor: James Piret (CHBE, Michael Smith Labs)

Originally from Iran, Ali received his bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from the Petroleum University of Technology (PUT). He then moved to the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), St. Johns, to start his MASc. His current research is in applying data analytics techniques in T cell manufacturing, design of experiment, and machine learning. During his free time, he loves spending time with his family and reading/learning philosophy and mysticism.

Seoeun Kim

Started 2017

Lee Rippon

Started 2017
Co-supervisor: Philip Loewen (Math)

Lee Rippon is a PhD student studying Chemical and Biologial Engineering (CHBE) at UBC. He also holds BASc and MASc degrees from UBC in CHBE where his research experience includes applications of compressive sensing, adaptive control, system identification and process monitoring on sheet and film processes. His current research interests include applying process analytics and machine learning techniques to historical process data to perform fault detection, isolation, and diagnosis in a kraft pulping process.

Ryan Jacobson

Started 2016
Co-supervisor: Shahab Sokhansanj (CHBE)

Yiting Tsai

Started 2016

Yiting has obtained both his BASc and MASc degrees at CHBE. His current PhD research is focused on feature extraction, the identification of combined raw input variables which contribute to various process outcomes. This is achieved using Machine Learning algorithms such as Deep Learning, Variational Autoencoders, and Generative Adversarial Networks. Yiting is also working as a part-time data analyst in a consulting company, where he uses his fluency in Python to design predictive models to forecast and diagnose anomalies for real-time process data.


Daniel McClement

Started 2020

Originally from Calgary, Daniel moved to Vancouver to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering at the University of British Columbia. After being allured by the scenic hikes and beaches around the city as well as the interesting research being done by the DAIS Lab, he chose to stay for his master's degree. He is now studying reinforcement learning for use in control systems. Outside of his studies, Daniel enjoys skiing at Cypress Mountain in the winter and hiking around Vancouver in the summer.

Hashim Migaybil

Placeholder image

Started 2019


Yulan Zhang

Started 2020


Riley Ballachay

Started 2020

Shams Elnawawi

Started 2019


Former students and visitors

Name Degree Position After Leaving/Now At
Thomas Lai Summer Student (Visiting) McMaster University
Hui Tian PhD
Yi Luo Ph.D. (Visiting) BUCT, Beijing
Ruyi Yang Summer Student
Shams Elnawawi NSERC USRA Mitsubishi Ireland (Internship), now UBC BASc Thesis
William Xi Undergraduate Thesis MSc (UC Berkeley)
Logan Phillips Undergraduate Thesis DuBois Chemicals
Simeng Li Co-Op Student BASc (UBC)
Qiugang Lu Ph.D. GM Canada, then Zavala Lab postdoc (UW-Madison), then faculty (Texas Tech)
Kai Wang Ph.D. Faculty (CSU, Changsha)
David Kong M.Sc. ML Engineer, Realtor.com
Siang Lim NSERC USRA FortisBC, now Burnaby Refinery
David Zamar Ph.D. Data Scientist, UBC SPPH
Steven Spielberg M.A.Sc. Amazon
Koji Kitano M.A.Sc. (Visiting) Kyoto University
Yilin Fan M.Eng. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) London
Alireza Nazari Undergraduate Thesis Accenture then Harvard Law
Melissa Barazandegan Ph.D. Vancouver Coastal Health
Mahsa Sadeghassadi Ph.D. inCTRL Solutions
Lee Rippon M.A.Sc. PhD (UBC)
Aigerim Ongalbayeva M.A.Sc. Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools
Clarin Houle Undergraduate Thesis Corvus Energy
Jiaqi Gao Internship Tsinghua then Yale, now Harvard
Yang Liu Internship Yale PhD
Feras Al-Rowaie Ph.D. Faculty (Jubail Industrial College)
Fatemeh Ekram Ph.D. STEM Education Instructor, Insight Chemistry Tutors
Navid Ghaffari M.A.Sc. Sanofi
Ramin Khoie M.A.Sc. AutomationX Industrial Solutions
Yiting Tsai M.A.Sc. PhD (UBC)
Sravan Nandhakumar Internship
Mahdi Yousefi M.A.Sc. Avestec Technologies
Aditya Tulsyan* Ph.D. MIT Postdoc, now Amgen
Omid Vahidi Ph.D. Faculty (IUST, Iran)
Kenneth McClure M.A.S.c Spartan Controls
Vinay Bhavdekar Postdoc Postdoc (UofA and UC Berkeley), then GE, then Wabtec Corp
Daniel Esau Undergraduate Thesis UBC Medicine
Norman Siu Undergraduate Thesis Solaris then Coanda, now Enbridge
Jalaj Jain Internship Shell then Schlumberger, now McKinsey
Adriana Cajiao Ph.D. Response Biomedical Corp
Sayyed Soroush Nasseri M.A.Sc. PhD (UBC)
Cai Long M.A.Sc. World Health Organization
JiChuan Wu M.Eng. Petrochemicals, China
Parisa Towfigi* M.A.Sc. Siemens
Mankaran Mehrok M.Eng. Seven Generations Energy
Naveen Karthik Internship
Shreyas Rangan Internship
Devin Marshman M.A.Sc. NORPAC Controls
Lin Sun Postdoc (Visiting) China University of Petroleum, Beijing
Yanqin Li Research Associate (Visiting)
Phanindra Jampana Postdoc Faculty (IIT, Hyderabad)
Anand Kaushik Internship
Shelly Jang M.A.Sc. PhD (U. Washington)
Do Yun Kim Postdoc
Prince Nimoh Co-Op Student
Ma Edo Tanujaya Co-Op Student
Harigopal Raghavan* Research Associate Shell
Anshul Jain* Co-Op Student
Varun Agarwal* Co-Op Student

*My collaborators formally supervised these students but I played a significant role in guiding the research of the respective students.

Scholarships and Awards

  • 2020 NSERC CGS-D for Nathan Lawrence
  • 2019 Four Year Fellowship for Lee Rippon
  • 2018 Four Year Fellowship for Yiting Tsai
  • 2017 Killam Doctoral Scholarship for Lee Rippon
  • 2016 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Yiting Lee
  • 2016 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Lee Rippon
  • 2015 Vanier Scholarship for Qiugang Lu
  • 2015 NSERC PGS-M for Lee Rippon
  • 2015 GSI Major Award for Lee Rippon
  • 2014 John Grace Scholarship for Yiting Tsai
  • 2013 Four Year Fellowship for Qiugang Liu
  • 2011 Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship for Ken McClure
  • 2011 Four Year Fellowship for Melissa Barazendegan
  • 2010 Four Year Fellowship for Fatame Ekram
  • 2009 NSERC post graduate scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2009 Four Year Fellowship for Shelly Jang (declined)
  • 2009 Four Year Fellowship for Adriana Cajiao
  • 2008 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2008 MITACS/NORPAC Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2008 NSERC graduate Scholarship for Devin Marshman
  • 2007 Graduate Entrance Scholarship for Shelly Jang


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