Li-ion workshop at DYCOPS 2022

Workshop Overview

Lithium-ion batteries permeate our lives. They are used in a wide range of products from portable electronic gadgets to electric vehicles and large container ships. These batteries are characterized by low costs, long life times, and high energy densities. With the increasing focus on shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the demand for lithium-Ion batteries is expected to increase significantly in the next decade. Some projections estimate that the market for lithium-Ion batteries will increase from USD 41 billion in 2021 to USD 116 billion in 2030.

Despite their numerous advantages, there are several aspects of lithium-Ion batteries that are not fully understood. In particular, there is limited understanding of the internal electrochemistry, the aging process, and their ability to hold charge. Recent advances in battery design, modeling, and operations led to significant improvement in their safety and efficiency. In this workshop, we will introduce the attendees to battery design, modelling and estimation, and optimization of battery operation. The emphasis will be on using modern modeling/parameter estimation methods in conjunction with machine learning and optimization tools.

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