Tobi Michael Alabi

Tobi Michael Alabi

Tobi is a visiting PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UBC. He is presently working on his PhD project which is a multidisciplinary research between the department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering (BEEE) in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) in Shenzhen Univ. of Science and Technology (SUStech). His research focuses on the application of optimzation methods, advanced machine learning techniques (including deep reinforcement learning), data-driven control mechanism, building energy model, and energy systems modeling for the development of robust algorithm for zero-carbon multi-energy systems' planning and operation. His research output has been published in some notable SCI journals in the energy field which can be accessed on his google scholar profile.

📚 Program/Degree
GROUP ALUMNI (2022) | PhD (Visiting) | Started 2022
📝 Research
Deep reinforcement learning algorithms for real-time energy scheduling
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DAIS Lab Publications

  1. Journal Paper
    A review on the integrated optimization techniques and machine learning approaches for modeling, prediction, and decision making on integrated energy systems
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    Renewable Energy. 2022 [PDF]

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