Vijay Kumar Pediredla

Vijay Kumar Pediredla

Dr. Vijay Kumar received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Robotics and Control systems from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 2021. His work focused on developing control algorithms for teleoperated systems and designing novel haptic devices. In 2021, he joined ARTPARK, IISc Bangalore as a PDF and worked on the design, analysis, and virtual simulations of complaint-based robotic actuators. His research interests include modelling, control system design, teleoperated systems, and haptic device design. As a member of the ERMP program, Vijay Kumar works on data analysis and control of the industrial automation and pulping process.

📚 Program/Degree
Postdoc | Started 2022
📝 Research
Data Analysis and Control
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DAIS Lab Publications

  1. Conference Proceedings
    Interpretable Soft Sensors using Extremely Randomized Trees and SHAP
    , , , , , , ,
    In Proceedings of the 22nd IFAC World Congress (To Appear). 2023 [PDF] [Slides] [Video]
  2. Journal Paper
    Deep learning-based hybrid reconstruction algorithm for fibre instance segmentation from 3D X-ray tomographic images
    , , , , , , ,
    Chemical Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2023 [PDF]
  3. Journal Paper
    Real-time Process Operation Evaluation and Model Reliability Assessment for Chemi-thermomechanical Pulping Process
    , , , , , , ,
    Control Engineering Practice. 2023 [PDF]

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