Ibrahim Yousef

Ibrahim Yousef
📚 Program/Degree
PhD | Started 2019
📝 Research
Developing Predictive Analytics Techniques Towards Fault Detection in an Electric Arc Furnace
👥 Also supervised by
Sirish Shah (U. Alberta)
📨 Contact

DAIS Lab Publications

  1. Conference Proceedings
    Process Analytics And Machine Learning to Predict Arc Loss In An Electric Arc Furnace
    , , , , , ,
    In proceedings of the 59th Conference of Metallurgists. 2020 [PDF] [Video]
  2. Journal Paper
    Representation Learning and Predictive Classification: Application with an Electric Arc Furnace
    , , , , , , , ,
    Computers & Chemical Engineering. 2021 [PDF]
  3. Conference Proceedings Young Author Award
    Visual Analytics: A New Paradigm for Process Monitoring
    , ,
    13th IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, including Biosystems (DYCOPS). 2022 [PDF]
  4. Journal Paper
    Visual Analytics for Process Monitoring: Leveraging Time-Series Imaging for Enhanced Interpretability
    , , ,
    Journal of Process Control. 2023 [PDF]
  5. Journal Paper
    The Arc Loss Challenge: A Novel Industrial Benchmark for Process Analytics and Machine Learning
    , , , ,
    Journal of Process Control. 2023 [PDF]

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