Lee Rippon

Lee Rippon

Lee Rippon is a PhD student studying Chemical and Biologial Engineering (CHBE) at UBC. He also holds BASc and MASc degrees from UBC in CHBE where his research experience includes applications of compressive sensing, adaptive control, system identification and process monitoring on sheet and film processes. His current research interests include applying process analytics and machine learning techniques to historical process data to perform fault detection, isolation, and diagnosis in a kraft pulping process.

📚 Program/Degree
PhD, since 2017
📝 Research
Process Analytics and Machine Learning Techniques for the Kraft Pulping Process
👥 Co-supervisor(s)
Philip Loewen (Math)
📨 Contact
🔗 Website

DAIS Lab Publications

  1. Conference Proceedings
    Process Analytics And Machine Learning to Predict Arc Loss In An Electric Arc Furnace
    Lee D. Rippon, Ibrahim Yousef, R. Bhushan Gopaluni, Behrooz Hosseini, Jean-François Beaulieu, Carole Prévost, Sirish L. Shah
    In proceedings of the 59th Conference of Metallurgists. 2020 [PDF] [Video]
  2. Journal Paper
    Data-Driven Dynamic Modeling and Online Monitoring for Multiphase and Multimode Batch Processes with Uneven Batch Durations
    K Wang, Lee D. Rippon, J Chen, Z Song, R. Bhushan Gopaluni
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2019 [PDF]
  3. Journal Paper
    Machine Direction Adaptive Control on a Paper Machine
    Lee D. Rippon, Q Lu, MG Forbes, R. Bhushan Gopaluni, PD Loewen, JU Backström
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2019 [PDF]
  4. Conference Proceedings
    Noncausal modeling and closed-loop optimal input design for cross-directional processes of paper machines
    Lu, Q., Lee D. Rippon, R. Bhushan Gopaluni, M.G. Forbes, P.D. Loewen, J.U. Backstrom, G.A. Dumont
    American Control Conference.
    pp. 2837-2842. 2017
    [PDF] [Slides]
  5. Conference Proceedings Invited Paper
    Pattern and Knowledge Extraction using Process Data Analytics: A Tutorial
    Yiting Tsai, Qiugang Lu, Lee D. Rippon, Siang Lim, Aditya Tulsyan, R. Bhushan Gopaluni
    In Proceedings of ADCHEM Conference, Shengyang, China.
    pp. 13-18. 2018
  6. Conference Proceedings
    Cross-directional controller performance monitoring for paper machines
    Lu, Q., Lee D. Rippon, R. Bhushan Gopaluni, M.G. Forbes, P.D. Loewen, J. Backstrom, G.A. Dumont
    In proceedings of American Control Conference, Chicago, USA.
    pp. 4970 – 4975. 2015
  7. Patent
    Closed-loop model parameter identification techniques for industrial model-based process controllers
    Q Lu, Lee D. Rippon, R. Bhushan Gopaluni, MG Forbes, PD Loewen, JU Backstrom, Guy A. Dumont
    US Patent App. 15. 2018

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